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We stock quality wire and wire products for the construction industry. Like reinforcing bars (rebar), reinforcing mesh is embedded in concrete to add the necessary degree of tensile strength to support large loads; the two materials are almost interchangeable in vertical and horizontal structures. Mesh, however, differs from rebar in that it may be used to shape structures at the same time as supporting them, but is disadvantaged by an inability to be anchored to the ground.

Steel Horizon’s reinforcing mesh is  from hard-drawn wire and deformed cold-rolled wire with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 510 MPa. It features a unique deformed wire pattern, known as the curry pattern, which facilitates superior bonding, stress-distribution and crack-width control. Our reinforcing mesh is made according to industry standards. Reinforcing mesh is 2,4 x 6 m in length, but we can size it to customers’ specifications when required.  Wire can be supplied in coil form, ranging from 500-3000 kg or in lengths from 200-13000 mm.

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