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We stock a broad range of steel plate – a flat structural member with a width of 200 mm or more and a thickness of at least 4,5 mm, which is typically used to connect other structural materials or as a component of built-up structures. Steel plate features most prominently in the general engineering, production and construction industries, although its uses are by no means limited to such applications. Steel plate can be flame-, plasma- or laser profiled for various engineering applications.

Steel  Horizon supplies a comprehensive range of steel plate products. These include mild steel plate for general engineering applications; S355 graded steel plate for construction engineering and manufacturing; boiler plate for the manufacture of boilers and pressure vessels; corten plate, which is preferred for applications that require a raised resistance to atmospheric corrosion; Lloyds plate, typically used for marine engineering; hardwearing plate, used in heavy-duty industries such as quarrying an construction; Vastrap and chequer plate, used for non-slip walk-ways, given their patterned surface; and in-house manufactured base plates, used as a basis for vertical structural members. We supply a full range of base plates cut to size to suit your application, with thicknesses ranging from 1,6-16,0 mm

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