We provide products that are strong, energy efficient, versatile, low-maintenance, fire proof, water resistant and 100% recyclable, affording farmers some well-deserved peace of mind in an industry known for its unpredictability. Steel is also the main material in the generation of solar, wind and water energy. In the agricultural industry, our products are typically used for building constructions, farm gates and fencing, solar power systems, water reticulation systems, signage, transport, and even chicken houses! Our customer base includes individual farmers as well as corporations.

Products for  this Industry: Wire Products ,  Tubing , Flat , Products & Roofing ,Welding Expanded Metal, Grating & Walkway Mesh


Steel is the most recyclable material used in structural and architectural engineering. Our highly successful reinforcing cut and bend yards supply reinforcing steel and services to projects of all sizes.


Products for  this Industry: Columns ,Beams ,Angles ,Channels, Reinforcing Mesh ,Reinforcing Bars


The engineering industry is our most prominent domain. From construction to mechanics,  Steel  Horizon supplies premium quality sheet and plate materials of all grades and ranges that contribute to the longevity and recyclability of every engineering venture.


Products for  this Industry: Columns ,Beams ,Angles ,Channels, Reinforcing Mesh ,Reinforcing Bars


Steel Horizon  has been supplying construction industry with  quality services and sustainable steel products at competitive prices. With our expansive product offering, Steel Horizon is able to supply any construction project with confidence.


Products for  this Industry: Columns ,Beams ,Angles ,Channels, Reinforcing Mesh ,Reinforcing Bars

Steel Frabrication

As a major plate supplier to the profiling industry, Steel  Horizon supplies steel plate to be cut, shaped, moulded and joined into robust and renewable steel products. Our experienced sales staff is equipped to provide speedy solutions to breakdowns or urgent fabrications.


Products for  this Industry: Sheets Steel Plate Flat Bar Coil & Slit Strip Cutting & Grinding


The basis for any sign is the Cromadek sheeting that forms the canvas for the sign writer, whether it functions as an advertisement for a business or a warning sign for pedestrians or motorists. We supply  sheets cut to size, and have the facilities to store them damage-free.

We stock steel plates, steel sheet, steel tubing, and all the other paint and hardware products used in the manufacture of signage.


Products for  this Industry: Steel Plate, Sheets, Tubing, Welding, Welding

Truck and Trailor

Corrosion resistant plate is used in the truck and trailer industry and is available as hot -rolled strip as well as cold- rolled sheet. Typical applications include transmission towers, transport containers, railway freight and passenger cars, to name a few. Steel Horizon has the infrastructure and ability to supply to this very demanding sector.

Products for  this Industry: Flat Bar , Cutting & Grinding Steel Plate Sheets Tubing Welding

Mining industry

Steel Horizon supplies quality products to the mining industry

Products for  this Industry: Sheets , Steel Plate , Columns ,Beams